10.24 Monday gold silver market analysis and operation suggestions straddle the release of crude oil 上外贤达经济人文学院

10.24 next Monday, gold and silver market analysis and operation suggestions of crude oil We want you long and short release! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Next Monday, gold and silver trend and market outlook layout # Gold Technical Analysis # this Friday, while the dollar strong performance, suppress the rising price of gold, but gold prices still rose, the main reason is because from Asia, including India, Chinese and the demand for physical gold ETF gold power up, especially the needs of India in last year’s downturn after improved, giving the gold some support, promote the gold refresh this week a new round of high prices. The above trend, the 1268.86 is a high point on a trading day of the formation of resistance, support the formation of gold below the 5 day moving average and 10 day moving average of 1259.9 area, the average index index figures go flat, the action can be slowed, the teacher is expected next Monday if the price of gold will be a wave of stepped back without accident. # silver technical analysis # from Monday to Wednesday on the daily chart to see prices up slightly, usher in a large rally on Thursday, Friday all day to market a slight concussion, no big fluctuation. Continue to organize price near bonding in average, Friday closing line in the recorded small Yang Cross stars, and the MACD index fell slow signs of heavy volume, in this case appeared, low order has quietly begun to rebound. From this week, the price of silver line situation, the price of silver low recorded a small positive K, it is overcast in three consecutive weeks, out of this form, if the price of silver has been stabilized, the possibility of the upward rebound, the author suggests the bargain. Combined with the above, next Monday, focus on the bottom of $17.28 support, above the $17.85 breakthrough. It can be seen from the diagram that the teacher still recommends doing more in low position. 1460748789, there is a need to WeChat and the author exchange. Crude oil single quilt cover? How to get out of trouble? This week crude oil] rose slowly breaking the high point of the year, but good times don’t last long EIA data by the rise, rapid decline Thursday Thursday Friday directly engulfed rise and closed below $51. Foam from the triangle point of view, crude oil can not be determined to break through, so it is necessary to look at the cycle of shock. But in 4 hours, the support position was $49.6, so we didn’t break 49.6 dollars, and we still went to see more of the big cycle. More than one out of ideas: more than a single customer if there is a position allowing key recommendations can go to the 49.6 position of the support, the short period of crude oil daily has not break through $50.1. So short cycles can rely on this location to do more than one. More than one person stop the loss with this position to see the rebound next week, the loss of timely consultation of my layout. Empty single release ideas: empty single with a protective stop in the hands of the friends of chess Wen suggested that the daily chart next Monday, but the trend is still bearish support not to be considered. The location around 49.8 is the best place to empty out, and then pay attention to the theory of 49.6

10.24下周一黄金白银行情分析及操作建议 原油多空解套 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   下周一黄金白银走势及后市布局   #黄金技术面分析#本周五虽然美元表现强势,抑制了金价的上涨,但是黄金价格依然录得上涨,其主要原因就是因为来自亚洲,包括中国、印度以及ETF的实物黄金需求助力金价上涨,尤其印度的需求在去年低迷之后改善明显,给予了金价一定的支撑,推动了金价刷新本周金价新一轮的高点。   综合上述走势上来看,1268.86是上一交易日的一个高点形成阻力,金价在5日均线与10日均线下方1259.9一带形成支撑,均线指标走平,附图指标上行动能减缓,老师预计下周一金价若无意外将出现一波回踩。   #白银技术面分析# 从日线图上来看周一至周三行情小幅拉升,周四迎来较大的一波反弹,周五整日行情以小幅震荡为主,并无太大波动。继续在均线粘合价格附近整理,周五收线时在录的小阳十字星,以及MACD指标有下跌缓慢放量迹象,在这种情况出现之时,低位整理的反弹已经悄然开始。从本周银价收线情况来看,白银价格低位录得一根小阳k,这是在连续三周收阴的情况之下,走出这样的形态,若银价得到止跌,这种反弹上行的可能性大的,笔者建议逢低做多。   综合上述,下周一重点关注下方17.28美元支撑,上方关注17.85美元突破情况。由下图可看出操作上老师仍然建议以低位做多为主。1460748789有需要可微信与笔者交流。   【原油多空单被套?如何解套?】   原油本周缓慢上涨破年内高点,但是好景不长受EIA数据上涨,周四迅速回落周四周五直接吞没上涨并收在51美元下方。沫钰从三角整理来看原油还不能确定去突破,所以还需周期震荡看待。但是从4小时来看,支撑位为49.6美元,所以没有破49.6美元我们依旧去大周期看多。   多单解套思路:多单的客户如果有仓位允许金钥建议可以去看49.6位置的支撑,短周期原油日线一直没有有效突破50.1美元。因此短周期可以依托此位置去做多单。多单者止损带在此位置下方看下周的反弹,损则及时咨询本人布局。   空单解套思路:空单在手的朋友棋玟建议带好保护性的止损,日线图下周一依旧偏空但是大趋势的支撑不可不去考虑。49.8附近的位置为空单出来的最好位置再去关注49.6的整口支撑,稳健者金钥建议50.1附近出掉再重新找本人去布局新的单子。   互联网金融市场由于美国大选带来了全球经济及政治不确定性,并且受美国政治局势及英国脱欧因素的影响。全球金融市场躁动不安。短期金银有望走强,美国政局以及新总统的政策不确定性,将有利金银价目前至11月期间的表现,11月之后,金银价格或会回落。   交易没有彩排,每天都是直播,有的人不仅收视率低,而且收益还不高。灵感不是曹操,说来就来,我们一直用过去的成就证明着未来的路上一定会走的多远,有人一见钟情与笔者合作收益不菲,有人饶了一圈最终回来一起成长。   希望金钥的文章能给你带来收获,在接下来的投资里顺风顺水,如果有不懂的地方,可以找我咨询关注微信1460748789,我不仅是一位指导老师,也是你生活中值得一交的朋友,如需了解更多现货投资、交易手法、操作技巧以及K线等知识可以关注都可以联-系本人进行交流学习。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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